Thursday, June 23, 2005

You Too Can Be a PPP

PPP, that would be Paid Political Patriot and/or Paid Political Protestor, depending on what the topic of the day happens to be.

Yep, a professional patriot, given a bus ticket to Moscow (or Houston or Washington) with room and board and friends and all the pro-Putin (or pro-Bush) propaganda you can swallow.

It's called Nashi, which in Russian means "ours," and it's a new umbrella group for young "patriots" who want to tote the predominant pro-Putin party line and be on (what they think will be or want to be) the winning side.

Participants are called "commisars," and by the next presidential election in 2008, there could be 3000 paid student activists and 300,000 members across Russia.

You can bet Karl Rove has already gotten in on this deal. Maybe he gave the idea to Putin. It seems the Kremlin and the KGB may be involved in funding and instructing the youth. Last year, it was called "Walking Together with Putin," but this year, it grew up to snag it's own corporate logo-style Nashi name (rhymes with Nike) and name-brand presence nationwide.

The commisars have learned their Rovian/neoconian lessons well. They don't refer to "opponents," they say "our enemies." Sounds sooooo ripe for some thundering herds of Young Republicans, doesn't it?

And No the damned donkey dumb ass Dems had better not complain that they can't afford to pay their marchers for the status quo and a return to the Republican Inquisition of the 1950s. A 1950s... still the gray flannel suited GOP's favorite decade, when all was pure and warm during the dark, dank days of the Cold War, before the hellraising '60s spoiled everything.

No, the progressives and Dems had better fight the battle on the neocons' very American terms. Want a vote? Pay up. Want a loyal youth group? Shell out. Want to head off the neocons at their own game? Get ready, set, go lay catch up.

I figure there is already a Nashi of sorts in the U.S. Republicans see the dollar signs in the eyes of their logo-impressed, greenbacked progeny. So it's time we progressives did the same. No one ever said we could win back the direction of this country for a lousy half billion dollars. It's going to take the big bucks and the Propaganda Pros.

I suggest we call our troops "The People."

Yes. Let's own that phrase.

We... "The People."


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