Friday, July 01, 2005

COMING SOON: Ode to the Station Wagon

It's the Friday leading into the July 4th holiday weekend. Most years, I've been off leading bike tours hither and yon, loving it. Now the midlife reassessment crisis has set, and I sit homebound, suffering wanderlust for the far horizon....

That wanderlust comes from fairly early in my life.... Ah, the classic summer family vacation, the happiest times of my young life....

Yes, it seems so old-fashioned now, like something out of "Leave it to Beaver"... the big station wagon, loaded down, bags on the roof, kids pestering each other in the back seat..............

Coming soon: the remainder of this ode, including references to Stephen King and the Warren Report, yes, an indirect family station wagon connection to Lee Harvey Oswald.

Stay tuned, friends. Come back for more!


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