Tuesday, January 31, 2006

HE & SHE: The Power & the Patina

Just a thought on a slip of paper I'd jotted down a while back and am finally committing to world wide consideration:

The United States: nation offering merely a patina of social services on top of a heaping PLATTER of RED MEAT -- insider DEALS for PROFIT, POWER and IMPERIALIST, MILITARY MADNESS.

And another thought, until now unrelated, which comes to mind as I type the above: I recently had lunch with an old friend, and as usual, we got to talking about women and their current roles in our lives (women have so many more roles in a man's life than do all of his male friends, acquaintances, co-workers and strangers combined). And it came to me that, as a single guy, sort of eligible but not really looking, really sticking pretty well to my new "monk mode," that I had a new criteria to add to my list of things I'd look for in an SO, significant other, partner, kindred spirit... Not only does she need to have (preferably - nothing is absolute) never been married and never seriously wanted children. Not only does she need to be liberal and distinctly unconventional in a stylishly bohemian sort of way. Not only does she need to be rather fit, outdoorsy, and worldly. Not only does she need to be not only attractive AND alluring - feminine AND confident. She need to not be a capitalist. I could probably "date" a capitalist, but beyond that, I'm just not sure I could really "be with" an honest to Brand Name American capitalist.


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