Friday, March 16, 2007

ABN Survey Says

Thursday a week ago, which would be the ABN post of March 8, I offered you, dear readers and ranters, a poll. Please go to the poll and VOTE. Please. The life of the recalcitrant Mr. ABN depends on it. Do your duty.

So far, the survey says that I should concentrate more on "personal stuff, down and dirty." As with ABN, so goes the nation: More Dirty Laundry! America just can't get enough. So whether you think so or not, or think or don't, please make your wishes known. Make your voice heard. And not only in the poll itself but in the comments as well, at that, at any and at ALL posts.


And don't forget to wear GREEN tomorrow if you are Catholic and ORANGE if you are Protestant or none of the above if you are the usual slob against quaint and cute rituals. Me, I'll be a wistful and philosophical secular naturalist wearing various colors, distinctly including green.

Here's to the blue and green planet, a rare and lovely thing indeed.


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