Friday, July 04, 2008

Lovin' under 60

Senator John Warner has reintroduced the idea (not a bill) of reducing the national speed limit, and that takes some political courage. There were no good reasons for lifting the speed limit from 55 in 1995, and I still consider it a strike against Bill Clinton's record. 55 had proven to be a success for 20 years as a law we could live with, in more ways than one.

Here's what I added to a forum at CNN on Senator Warner's act of prudent patriotism:

55 has always made sense for saving money, saving lives and conserving a non-renewable resource. Speeds under 60 remarkably lower pollution levels and reduce driving stress. To say otherwise suggests that impatience and waste are virtues, but we all know they're not. I recently took a long road trip never cruising above 60, and it seemed to me some other drivers were easing off on the pedal as well, more aware this summer of how much pushing down and pushing forward was costing them. Bring back 55, or at best, compromise at 60. Even as a Texan with a long way to go, I loved it then and will love it again.


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