Monday, September 29, 2008

Palin goes to the debate camp dog house

Sarah Palin is off to the McCain's creekside retreat in Arizona for an intensive debate camp... and she's bringing her husband and kids? What, to play in the house while the McCains are away? To play in the creek? To bone up on sex ed and dinosaurs? To help grill her on pressing policy points?

Joe Biden is at home for his own debate camp. I suppose his family is around, but he doesn't really have as much remedial homework to do. I mean, he's met with the Georgian president twice lately, once in Georgia (Athens, I think, or was it Savannah) and once in New York near the U.N., a place Sarah Palin saw for the first time in person last week. She and Katie Couric took a nice stroll in the plaza there, you may recall.

Meanwhile, David Letterman and Jon Stewart are having field days with all of this, but believe you me, they can come up with plenty of funny things to say even if the Obama-Biden ticket wins. So please don't make it any easier for them by voting for McCain-Palin. Palin might be a barrel of anxious laughs, of the stomach-turning sort, but McCain, he ain't funny.

Since Reagan left office, the GOP has become the party of high anxiety. Higher still after Poppy retired, and higher and higher, as of late, as they front for the Cheney & Co. gestapo. No wonder they use fear tactics to get what they want, effectively black-mailing the shaky electorate. And no wonder they're SUCH sore losers.

Like buddy boy Bush, McCain's all bluster about "winning with honor" (and don't use the word "lose"). Okay, let's see if he can 'let this one go' with honor. Time to clear out kids, grand pap is coming home.


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At 10/15/2008 1:01 PM, Blogger blackrain said...

Sara is quite the character, but also dangerous. It is one thing to laugh at but quite another if she gets into office. Just look at the Bush policies.


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