Monday, October 13, 2008

Economic Downturn? No way

Since when should we value our credit rating more than our savings account?

This is not a crash of the "real economy." This is merely a crash of credit.

The "real economy" makes real things that we actually need.

So don't listen to that bull about needing all the credit that is currently built into the system. Surely, both we borrowers and those risk-taking banks can get by borrowing less than we have been, than they have been. It's not the stuff we need that will go away. It's some of the stuff we don't need, the junk that has piled up and polluted our lives.

This bloated, trumped up, adrenaline-crazed, gambling, ravenous-for-credit, hedonistic, unchecked, relatively unregulated economy we have been living in was always destined to at least recede, if not crash. How could the value of houses or loans or loaves of bread go up forever? How could anyone be so naive as to think we had beaten back greed and put it in its place at the same time we were being so greedy ourselves?

People are wondering now about taking extra jobs, selling their stuff on eBay, making ends meet? I think that talk of "putting food on the table" is campaign talk, and people buy it. There are thousands who go hungry in this country, perhaps even a few million, but food is not what is at risk here. It is the ravenous, gluttonous, immodest, wanton American dream of everything and more.

MORE. We've been living on the MORE wagon so long, that just buying what we need seems a sure sign of impoverishment. But it is really our culture which has become impoverished, much more than we the people, citizens of the most gluttonous country on Earth.

So suck it up, and keep what you need most in mind.


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