Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dems Making Bad Baseball Players

The Dems will spit and spew and chew and swing at anything - just about any pitch - almostly wildly, flailing just to get a base hit. OK, so the neocons are experts at knocking up one foul ball after the next, the Dems strike out or slip in a few grounders and get thrown out at first base.

Re, the John Roberts nomination: Reeeeeeally gotta ask if it's worth it to the Dems to use up some of their cards and (measly) fire power and patience with the American people whom we need to vote/swing our way.

Here's a novel twist from a proud lefty: Let's let Roberts go. He's a shoe in. He's handsome. He could be Laura Bush's brother. Let's face it and say, hey, we're giving you one without too much of a fight (or too much fighting among ourselves) - and say so publically to store up some good will with the impatient public. Don't some of the Dems see the sense in trading things now for later, when the World Series of the 2008 election is breathing down our necks? I'm afraid none are thinking long term - just swing at every pitch that comes along. Roberts looks like he's got plenty of teflon, loads of the amiable/sane/modern factor to get through. So why bash the boats against rapids of our own making?

Don't our Rovian counterparts (who? where? huh?) see that we need to bank on the appearance of being judiciously selective in choosing our targets.

Then a season or a few years from now, Bush will feel emboldened to put up another Borkian advocate, and we can tie both the nominee's and the president's feet to the fire. Strategically, we need that to happen closer to the midterms or '08 campaign. Let's choose our battles wisely and give up some of the riots we might incite this round to really duke it out when the timing is better - around abouts late '06 and towards '08 when we want it to seem like everything Bush touches turns to Old World Order Mold, skanky, cancerous mold. Then we can step up to the plate - and knock one out of the park.

Replacing Rehnquist? Batta, batta, batta, swing!



At 7/21/2005 9:04 AM, Blogger Rhesus Pieces said...

Finally, a good metaphor. Dems seem to swing at everything. Not just anything but everything. The ball, each other and the umpire.

You are correct that the Dems have to pick their battles. They need to be kinder and gentler, not always spoiling for a fight. They shouldn't blow their whole load on Robert's personal belief of abortion. There are other issues. In the mental health field there is the concept of good enough. Is Robert's good enough. I think he is.

Don't discount the Reps put out a resonable canidate.

The traditional view Republican of abortion is changing. It's not what, I'll use a sports metaphor, fighting Democrats what it to be. They want it to be a fight. Dems for abortion right, Reps against it.
Look at what the wives of the people in power believe. That's what the real view is.

I'll state it here just so it's clear. The Republicans believe that abortion isn't good, for the mother or the baby. They believe that women should be able to choose.

The Demos should jump on that and agree. Help solidify that view. What more do the Demos want? Do they want abortion to be a primary form of birth control? That's silly. Do they believe that abortion is free of mental and physical effects? It isn't.

Are they going point out that a good abortion is safer than a full term birth and therefore abortion is preferable to child birth? That's silly. Wait, some will make that point.

At 7/21/2005 6:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dead on. Daniel Shore nailed it when he said on NPR [that the Senate should] confirm Roberts ASAP.

We sure could have done worse and the Religious Right has woken up to the fact that they have be seduced and abandoned ... and get after Karl Rove. That's were the vulnerabilities are. Get Rove and castrate Bush.

Keep the faith Brother.


At 7/22/2005 11:33 AM, Anonymous Shirley said...

John and Lawrence, I agree 100% with what you both think the Dems should be doing about Roberts/Rove/Bush. I held my gag reflex and watched Bush nominate Roberts the other night. Know what came to mind after Bush's long, deer-in-the-headlights speech which was 100% read from a prepared speech and then Roberts came to the podium? I said, "Why don't we have him as our President?" And don't you think Rove had something to do with the timing of this nomination? To keep the heat off? He is a first class a__hole and also a crook! And without him, Bush has no brain. So let's hope those ninnies (Democrats) in Washington are wise enough to figure this out. If we can, don't you think they should be able to?


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