Friday, July 08, 2005

What the BLEEP Do We Know!?

What the *&%#@!!!???

Just saw a movie called "What the BLEEP Do We Know?"

Friends and readers, I think many of you'd like it A LOT. Maybe not mind blowing and definitely quirky (you wonder WHY sometimes) but well worth a few hours of your time to see something on your glowing screens besides explosive drivel - that is if you'd rather blow your mind with Big Ideas rather than dynamite. Spacey associations or a short fuse? You choose.

Ever see the film "Mindwalk"? Interesting, if slightly naive and stodgy discourse about similar paradigms, spiritual and scientific, starring Sam Waterston, Liv Ullman and John Heard, based on What's His Name's (oh yeah, Fritjof Capra) popular book "The Turning Point." Well, these would make an excellent double feature, if you could take time out to drink too much and then discuss the meaning of life and such. (I'm also reminded of the circuitous twists of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," my personal choice for Favorite Movie of 2004.)

"What the BLEEP" features Marlee Matlin, George Segal and other actors in a spacey allegory of sensory perplexity and animal urges, spliced together with some pretty bright talking heads - you know, a little herd of spiritual and scientific gurus whose books you may want to dabble in, just to feel like you're BS'ing in school again.

Should we call it "allegorical documentary" or just "more goosey hoopla about matter as thought and thought as matter and what the heck did that new agey 'Mr. Rogers Goes to Princeton' just say"???

Anyway, this spacey must see for those in the know loosely strings together quantum physics, consciousness, matter, reality, spirituality, emotion,
the spaciness of atoms and the density of the little thunderstorms in the brain, plus good ol' addictions (um, lust) and meaning (um, as in the meaning of life).

Big questions and a fun romp, really.

If you're a thinking, schpinking person with sphincters, a spine and a neocortex, you know, the sort of homo sapien sapien who wants to spice up some Big Ideas with a little worldly E!ntertainment - or, as in this case, Otherworldly? - then get this movie. Two craniums and five thumbs up.

And you'll see: it's not just all inside your own head, even if it is. Nothing is QUITE as it seems. It's all relative. There are still many surprises and NEW Mind Treats to be had. Think deeply positive. Have a grander Reality.

And have a nice stay.

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At 10/12/2005 6:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Skeptical takes"? You just lauded an advertisement for the Ramtha School of Enlightment. You need to reexamine your definition of "skeptical."


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