Thursday, February 02, 2006

"The Dead of Winter"

Turns out there is no such thing as "the dead of winter."

If the bare plants or the seemingly frozen turning of the seasons (or our spirits) were really dead, there'd be no coming back from it. And as far as we call tell - persistent sentiments aside - death is a one way trip - and really not a trip at all but a final destination. Indeed, the words "dead end" really DO go together.

No, even in this, for some, dullest (if not darkest) time of year, life goes on, perhaps more subtly, more ingrown.

The plants that may look dead above the surface are growing roots all the time. In fact, roots do lots of growing during the winter.

So think of the roots, even in winter. Persist in drought and darkness. Counter the cold in safe keeping, underneath. Keep growing, no matter how ingrown/in growing, no matter how cabin bound or close to home.


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