Friday, February 03, 2006

The New Reichs

Sir Donald - that would be Mister Rumsfeld, has compared Venezuela's Senior Chavez to a certain Mister Hitler.

In psychological circles, it is often said that a person is most easily
annoyed by or angered by things in others that they dislike in
themselves. Thus, the aggrieved and aggrevated, often without realizing it, pursue a mindset that says something like, "terrorists are bad... so let's terrorize them right back."

So when it comes to having/wanting enemies, Our Man at the Helm, Mr. "Snake Oil" Bush, Our Man in Charge, Mr. "The Wizard" Cheney and our Man of Menace, Mr. 'War R Us' Rumsfeld, easily find themselves in the company of some other rather unsavory bullies from the past and present, whose latent fascism needed only the pomp and circumstance to make it grow.

Watch out for little bullies posing as Big Men. They get sand kicked in their face and drop a bomb on you, especially if you're hiding out in some far off jungle or sand pit.

Bush could lead us toward his stated "American values" by firing these guys. But he follows their filthy ways - not very Christian for a "man of peace," president of a "peaceful nation."

No, what WOULD a truly peaceful nation do?

What WOULD Jesus do? And where's the heartfelt Scarecrow when we need him?

Be peaceful.



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