Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blink and Xmas Is Gone

I am pretty sure what Christmas is all about. I'm with Linus on this one. Except I'll take the twig of a tree and the underdog spirit and the holy spirit and the speech impediments and the humility and the quiet carolers and the magic dust and the sense of awe and just leave out the Christ child thing and the supernatural stuff. The worldly aspects are what do it for me.

But here it is today, the second day of Christmas, with ten more days of Christmas to go, but it seems Christmas is gone for another year. The traffic around the mall, which opened at 6 AM while Santa was still sleeping one off, is jam packed. There are lines of cars in the bank drive-thrus. It's back to business and business as usual. Gotta make a buck or figure out what more to buy with that gift card that's burning a hole in your pocket.

I don't have any holes in my pocket, but my pants and my mood do sort of match Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. Not only would I not want to leave that sad little tree on the lot, I also wouldn't want to throw it out in the trash 'til spring.

Meanwhile, most everyone else, it seems, is glad it's over. They were getting cabin fever. Now it's on to New Year's with friends and leave that dried out stuffing and that stuffy old family behind. Relaxing for days in a row, taking it easy for a week, that's for sissies. Silent night? What for? We've got cable and TiVo and bucks to burn and games to watch. Party hardy. Let's spill food and drink all over ourselves. Give me a new year. This one's toast.

On the second day of Christmas, it seems the Type A/Citizens-Gone-Wild Empire is back in the fast lane.


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