Thursday, August 30, 2007

OK, Who's My Ticket Today?

OK, who's on my ticket for today and probably for the new fall season, at least?

Well, I'm just not wrapped up in this big stew of candidates like I was in 2004. Then, as regular readers of ABN know, I was a die-hard Dean fan, almost a downright Deaniac. Dean was my scrappy bull dog, my full bore wonky leftish go-getter. He was my "Give 'em Hell" Harry. He was my David against the Goliaths. The Dr. was IN.

But here it is four years later, and who'm I gonna pick? I'm no longer really a Democrat, if ever I really was. Lately, I've been getting off Democratic Party and affiliated mailing lists. I am purging myself of most anyone inside the Beltway mentality. I want a wonky, edgy, snarling, microphone biting Sock It To Them Outsider again, turning red with passion, yet out amongst us, more compassionate than calculating.

It's looking like I'm not going to get that this round. So who?

Well, I'm not a gambling man, and this isn't a prediction. We're not even to the back stretch, which comes around when, January? Clinton and Obama are taking impressive leads in the first turn, and it seems it is still the dragon lady's nomination to win or lose.

Meanwhile, here's my ticket:

Edwards/Richardson '08.

As I have said elsewhere, of all the candidates in some years, Edwards is the person I would most like to have speaking to me from the Oval Office. After eight years of Bush bashing and, conversely, being pricked by that Texas prickly pear, I want to be soothed. I'd like a big heapin' dose of polished and yet personal grace, and I'd be proud to have Mr. Edwards represent the United States in the hallowed halls of foreign leaders and governing bodies as well. He would not be smarmy or controversial, disdainful, insensitive or out of touch. He would rise to the occasion. And he loves his country. But then also, perhaps as Dean was four years ago, Edwards has positioned himself as the insurgency candidate this year, difficult as that is to do with a southern lilt to one's gruff punch-bagging. Edwards is taking swings I'd want to take myself.

Bill Richardson would bring to the ticket and to the administration what Edwards lacks, namely one of the best resumes of the bunch. Richardson would bring some big shoulders to the ticket, a western slant and a good mix of insider/outsider wrangling expertise. He can sit on a horse and not look stupid, which in and of itself would knock even Fred Thompson for a loop, no need mentioning the Yankee Giuli/Romney boys 'round these parts. Richardson can play the Reagan of the New West, the multicultural West, not the Pure Borax White West of yore (so 20th Century...).

Oh, and Elizabeth Edwards would make a GREAT First Lady.

The biggest tactical advantage of this ticket is that we would not lose any Democratic Senators. Clinton and Obama would stay right where we need them. We could bring back the best aspects of the Bill and Al show, making Mr. Clinton and Mr. Gore cabinet members or special envoys without losing strength in the Congress. Like a good game show host, in the best sense of that term, Mr. Edwards the populist could bring together (and I think hold together) a fantastic round table of talent, and few would bitch and moan because we'd all believe he really cared about all of us and really, really liked us.


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