Monday, September 03, 2007

Comments @ Lawrence Walker's Blog, A Better Nation/abetternation

Greetings readers, friends, and countrymen (& women),

New scientific research shows that every civil and reasonable comment you make @ A Better Nation (and especially those which are unabashedly encouraging) adds a day to my life. Further studies may show that leaving said comment adds a day to your life as well.

As of late, I have gotten a bit spotty in my blogging. In fact, I am going back now (in September '07) to fill in some of the gaps, as my original goal and intention were to file a blog post five days a week, Monday-Friday. I have been finding, as the summer of 2007 wears on with no escape from Texas after my one foray "abroad," leading a Wisconsin bike tour in mid-June with its attendant road trip through the Ozarks and up the mighty Mississippi, that I was slinking down the downward doldrum slide of discouragement and disconnection (the summers of '05 and '06 was the same, but then some of us CAN experience seasonal affective disorder two, three or even four seasons a year). I just don't mix very well at all with late summer in Texas. And so, by mid-September, slogging and slip sliding but with the weather taking a distinct dip toward autumn, I wandered over to A Better Nation, and the spirit moved me. I have begun to blog again. Maybe writing each post adds even more than a day to my life, and I am slouching around past 500 or so posts so far (even before some gaps are filled). Not bad for a free enterprise; that's over a year added to my life so far.

And you can do your part! Leave a comment! Even a sentence will do! Even a phrase will do! Even the right WORD. And remember, encouragement gets bonus points, I am sure. At least that's what studies suggest.

Cheers to you, and thanks!


At 9/20/2007 11:44 AM, Anonymous Rhondzza said...

It's an accomplishment to have written so many posts! Way to go, Lawrence! Keep thinking and writing!

At 9/21/2007 6:23 AM, Anonymous rq said...

500 posts. That's over a hundred pages. You've earned your "Tina pot" many times over. Keep up the good work.


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