Monday, January 08, 2007

The Urge to Surge

I see the newly emboldened Dems coming in from left field with a plan to cut Bush off at the pass, but where are the protests?

A surge???? What sort of Orwellian "Clean Used Cars" Rot is that? Ever occur to us that we/them/the U.S. armed forces in Iraq are inSURGEnts, too? And what about "surge protectors"? Seems we'll need a globe-sized one of those too, to ward off what Gore Vidal called "eternal war for eternal peace," which, of course, brings us back to George... Orwell, who saw all of this coming through the dark crystal ball of his allegorical writer's genius.

A surge... sounds like the same old, same old, same-as-it-ever-was Southeast Asian DOMINO Effect to me. Kennedy made this mistake. Johnson made this mistake. Nixon made this mistake.

Smoke and mirrors for 'winning victory' but just plain old Daddy Warbucks EE to me.


That's... Escalation of Empire.

It's not really Ford we need back in the Republican ranks right now, it's Eisenhower. Where's IKE when we need him? "Beware the military industrial complex" Ike, and that's General Eisenhower to us all, especially to you, Messrs Cheney and Bush, ostrich MIAs as always, heads in the clouds, heads in the sand.

That burgeoning, already behemoth M.I. Complex, like a devilish psychosis, and with Bush Co. and Cheney and Rummy's fingerprints all over it, is the very bread and butter of Empire.

And we're worried about a public execution captured on a cell phone when there are private and much more spontaneous and riotous executions, shot on sight in the streets and Alleyways of a dozen countries every day and every night.

We would be a better nation if we quelled quickly the urge to surge.


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