Friday, November 07, 2008

These things we know

We know that unfettered capitalism is based on the desire for relentless growth, which is like suburban sprawl, which is like a cancer.

We know that we have a worldwide human population explosion and that most people lust for wanton affluence.

We know we have 100 million more Americans than we can possibly sustain.

We know that technology competes with the need for, stability and sustainability of human jobs and natural resources.

We know that we have many more people than we have truly valuable work to do (millions more have just been scraping by serving and selling stuff to the excessive population).

We know that nature rules. And that nature has so many checks and balances that it is never based on permanent growth or the need for permanent growth.

We live within a system. People seem to ignore and resist and resent the limits of nature, its delicacy and its richness and its value.

The greed and profligacy of human beings: costly.

The planet Earth: priceless.


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