Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Governor Pain: A gift to world progress

By choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain has done more good for the Democrats than anyone else alive, except perhaps the congresswomen from California and Hillary and Barack.

Sarah Palin has done more to doom Republican success this election year than any other conservative. And she is even causing deep distress within the GOP, causing a split between the increasingly alienated, anti-intellectual, faith-based fundamentalists and the confused, slightly libertarian "moderates" of the party.

I wouldn't want to be a moderate in America today. Even what is called a moderate in this country is a person who is notably backward thinking, trickle down believing by world standards.

According to some campaign staffers, Governor Palin has the nickname "Governor Pain." She's gone off the reservation, and let's hope she goes off the deep end soon, so that we don't have to hear much about her a year from now, much less four years from now.

And a PRESIDENT Sarah Palin?

Can you say "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth"?



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