Monday, October 27, 2008

Cheap gas: BAD

It's human nature.

If something is expensive, it's valued highly. If it's cheap, it can be squandered, wasted, thrown away, ignored.

And so the price of gasoline needs to be high. It's really the only way to accomplish any of our goals of cleaning up the planet and not cooking life off the Earth.

Cheap gas is a travesty. Cheap gas and (horrors) coal are suicide.

It's human nature: we burn the stuff according to how much it costs a gallon (or liter).

And so, as the price of gasoline comes down, the government should raise the taxes per gallon -- and not lower those taxes ever again. .Why lower the taxes on a finite resource? It's not like they're making more of the stuff.

And so it should be part of the "change" our country seems to be hungering for, IF INDEED it is hungering for REAL change. It is in our best self-interest to keep gasoline somewhat expensive, say $4.00/gallon in the current economy. And the government should make sure it costs at least that much. Better the government take in extra revenue through taxes to help counter and clean up the disastrous mess the burning of fossil fuels costs us in terms of health and human welfare than for the oil companies to profit from plundering a natural resource that truly belongs to all of us. Oil is or should be public property, not available for plunder by private companies.

Yes, that's socialism at it's best, and your children would be a lot better off if we had a lot more of it.


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