Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cheap gas? What's this?

A disturbing trend: gas prices are coming down. And fast. I paid $4.39.9 in Wyoming in September and $2.19.9 in Texas yesterday. This does not make me happy. Instead, I am chagrined (with a background sense of dread).

It makes the whole futures/gambling commodities system seem like a drunken spree in Vegas. I wish Vegas would stay in Vegas and not be the rule of capitalism worldwide.

Let's face it, Human Nature, we get away with whatever we can get away with.

We make up some blather about country and community and global this and that and "saving the world" (OK, a few of us still gush about that last one), but mostly, we prove by our actions every day that we are in this for ourselves.

And so we will burn cheap gas like it's an infinite resource -- and isn't cooking the planet and polluting our lungs and wrecking our children's future prospects.

We NEED reasonably priced gas, maybe even sort of expensive gas.

We've got to do whatever it takes to value the stuff, even if it means pain in the pocketbook. Better pain there than a bad case of lung cancer and a few polar bears in zoos. Because pretty soon after that, it might be a big die off for our own species. Cooking the planet can do that to you.


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