Thursday, November 13, 2008

2012 is (already) the new 2008

I swear there are more articles right now about who's running in 2012 than about the substance of the "CHANGE" 60-something million of us just sweated blood to promote and vote for.

Throngs are fascinated with the broken record that is Sarah Palin, so confused she's both bashing and fawning over a guy who is still more than two months away from even taking office.

And now we learn that Romney and Huckabee, sort of like Laurel and Hardy, are already heading to Iowa to stir things up for four years from now, which, as we know, is really, just about a year and a half from now, since the next horse race contenders are starting as soon as they take off their tuxes and ball gowns after the 2009 innaugural balls.

And this is the way the media want it: the horse race is more compelling to more people than the boilerplate, nuts and bolts of policy and governance.

We are a people who seem fairly willing to dumb ourselves down.


At 11/13/2008 5:32 PM, Anonymous chas said...

Bill Maher on Palin: "... category five moron..."

Don't you just love the truth?


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