Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Secretary of State: Why not Gore?

I've said it before: why not Gore?

Okay, now maybe Al Gore really IS, as he likes to say, "a recovering politician," but if there is ANY chance he'd actually like a calling card to the world that's got some panache and power behind it (to go along with his Nobel Prize), that also in some notable ways goes above and beyond parochial and provincial politics, then State is Gore country.

It seems he's pretty much already been vetted not only by top level, super secret security (Mr. VP) but also by the popular vote. And Gore's got the experience and, frankly, the fame, to really make the job rock.

Eight years out, as with Colin Powell eight years ago, Al Gore's got transcendental stature.

I think most Americans would be quite proud to send Mr. Gore abroad, and I think the world would be not only proud but eager to receive him.

And so as before: why not Gore?


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